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A Warm Welcome is extended to all new and visiting bowlers:


Information from Club Secretary Mr Col Sturgess. 

The CoM held an extraordinary meeting last evening in the car park Fri 20th March

With reference to the current virus issue the CoM determined that 

  • The clubhouse will be completely shut down for an indefinite period. It is not be accessed by anybody without the authority of either Adam as President or Mark as Club House Manager.
  • There will be no structured social bowls events of any description– hence gazetted Van Ingen, Bill Holt, Presentation Day, Monday Triples, monthly triples are all postponed for an indefinite period. This ban includes any privately organised events which members may wish to organise.
  • The coaching program has been cancelled until further notice.
  • Mats and jacks will be available for use, but players will use at own risk as the club will be taking no responsibility for cleaning this equipment. It is required that members having a casual roll will observe Government social distancing.
  • Ongoing maintenance around the club will continue provided the ‘workers’ wish to continue. Please observe Government social distancing.
  • The AGM will be postponed for an indefinite period of time. In the interim the current CoM members have agreed to continue in the roles they have fulfilled for the last twelve months.

 In making these decisions the CoM have taken into account government, medical ‘experts’, Bowls Australia, Bowls Victoria and GBR guidelines and have discussed the issues with our insurance company to ensure there are no complications with the proposals outlined here affecting our insurance coverage.

If you have any questions please free to contact Adam or Col Sturgess

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  For information regarding membership, events, hiring of the greens or clubrooms, please   contact the Club Secretary Col Sturgess 

  Club: 52434373        Mobile: 0402 695 566    or email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Barefoot Bowls

The Best Lawn Bowls Program in Town for new and novice bowlers for a night out and a bit of fun

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Bowling For Beginners

The Club can provide bowls for new bowlers to use as well as free coaching.

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Why we Love Lawn Bowls......

Lawn bowls is a precision sport that is played for the challenge and competition, personal enjoyment, physical activity, the pleasure of spending time outdoors and for social interaction. It is also a low impact, therapeutic form of exercise.


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