2021 Peannant Season

Sat & Mid week teams now loaded  

10min Break to be decided by managers PRIOR to start of game.


Please be covid safe

Visit us at:


4-10 Sommers St,
Belmont VIC 3216


(03) 5243 4373

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Col Sturgess


A Warm Welcome is extended to all new and visiting bowlers:

The President and members of the Geelong Bowls Club

cordially invite you to visit the club and enjoy our excellent facilities. 

Our Club members will welcome the opportunity to assist

you to try the sport of Lawn Bowls. 
The club can provide bowls for new bowlers to use and free coaching is available.

We hope you will enjoy the experience and appreciate what our club has to offer. 
The club offers various categories of membership starting from

Social Member to Full Member. 
Any further information regarding membership 

please contact our Club Secretary  Col Sturgess.


Committee of Management Members

President - Adam Green

Vice President - Mark Black

Secretary - Col Sturgess

Treasurer –  Malcolm Wright

Committee Members

Mike Zentgraf, Nick Oakes, June Cummins,

Jack Ververs, Denise Richards.


Greens Director & Grounds - Adam Green

Club House - Mark Black



Saturday Match Match Committee

Mike Zentgraf (chair)

John McDonnell

Barry Parker

Jim Wood

 Adam Green


Mid Week Match Committee

Denise Richards (chair)

Marion McDonnell

Jenny Parsons

June Cummins

 Mike Zentgraf


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