Monday Bowl Program

12:30 start   -  3 Bowl Pairs.  --  14 ends  coffee break  14 ends.

Thursday Bowl Program

12:30 start       3 Bowl Scroungers ---     14 ends   coffee break  14 ends.

Saturday Bowl Program

12:30 start   -   2-4-2  Pairs  --  10 ends   coffee break 10 ends.

Visit us at:


4-10 Sommers St,
Belmont VIC 3216


(03) 5243 4373

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Col Sturgess


A Warm Welcome is extended to all new and visiting bowlers:


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A  Six -day roster, Tues to Sunday - 9am – 5pm will be placed on the noticeboard for members to sign up to.

On Saturday & Mondays we have 3 Bowls Pairs, sheet will be posted,

this will be the only method of booking a playing time.

Please follow playing Rules as listed on notice board.

Full Name please NO INITIALS.

COVID19 sign Stage3


  • The day’s roster sheet will be removed at the end of each day as a record in case there needs to be some tracking at a later stage as the result of a player presenting with covid-19.
  • A Maximum of 32 players on the green at any time.
  • A  Maximum of 4 players per rink.       
  • Social/ PHYSICAL distancing rule of 1.5 metres must be adhered to.
  • Rinks to be used   –   14    15    16    17    18    19    20.     "Except for Mondays and part Saturday.Rinks issued to bowlers."
  • GBC members only able to access the facility.
  • Sanitiser is available near mat/ kitty box and should be used pre and after play. Disinfectant provided to be used to treat kitty and mats – this isn’t only about you, it’s about the people after you.
  • Ideally the same player in the group (if applicable) should handle the mat and the kitty for the duration of play.
  • Please arrive no more the 5 minutes prior to play and leave immediately afterwards.
  • Maximum time booking of two hours.
  • In the event that the Executive deems that players are missing out as a result of others ‘hogging’ the bookings, members may have their ‘excessive’ bookings cancelled.
  • Usage will be monitored closely in order to ensure we are offering our members the best opportunity to enjoy this access.
  • The Corio Green only available for use in the first week – if the system is found to be working with few hitches consideration will be given to opening the Foundation grass green.

If you have any questions please free to contact Adam or Col Sturgess


   For information regarding membership, events, hiring of the greens or clubrooms, please   contact the Club Secretary Col Sturgess 

  Club: 52434373        Mobile: 0402 695 566    or email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Warm Welcome is extended to all new and visiting bowlers:

The President and members of the Geelong Bowls Club

cordially invite you to visit the club and enjoy our excellent facilities. 

Our Club members will welcome the opportunity to assist you to try the sport of Lawn Bowls. 
The club can provide bowls for new bowlers to use and free coaching is available.

We hope you will enjoy the experience and appreciate what our club has to offer. 
The club offers various categories of membership starting from Social Member to Full Member. 
Any further information regarding membership  please contact our Club Secretary  Col Sturgess.



2019 /2020

Committee of Management Members

President: Adam Green

Vice President: Mark Black

Secretary: Col Sturgess

Treasurer: Malcolm Wright

Committee members

Geoff McDonald, June Cummins, Denise Richards, Jack Ververs,

Greens Director & Grounds  - Adam Green

Club House - Mark Black 



Saturday Match Match Committee  2020/21

Mike Zentgraf  (Chair)

John McDonnell

Jim Wood

Barry Parker




Mid Week Match Committee   2020/21

TBA (Chair)

Denise Richards

Jenny Parsons

Marion McDonnell

June Cummins

Mike Zentgraf


Mark Adam friendly club




Bowling For Beginners

The Club can provide bowls for new bowlers to use as well as free coaching.

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Why we Love Lawn Bowls......

Lawn bowls is a precision sport that is played for the challenge and competition, personal enjoyment, physical activity, the pleasure of spending time outdoors and for social interaction. It is also a low impact, therapeutic form of exercise.


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